Lumefantrine used in the treatment of malaria.


Primary Characterstics

Molecular Structure of Lumefantrine
It belongs to Antimalarial Agent pharmacological group.



Lumefantrine is primarily indicated in conditions like Malaria.


Lumefantrine is contraindicated in conditions like Renal failure,Pulmonary edema.

Drug Interactions

No data regarding the interactions of Lumefantrine was found.

Interference in Pathology

No data regarding the pathological interferences produced by Lumefantrine is available.

Side Effects

The severe or irreversible adverse effects of Lumefantrine, which give rise to further complications include Fever, Chills.

The symptomatic adverse reactions produced by Lumefantrine are more or less tolerable and if they become severe, they can be treated symptomatically, these include Weakness, Dizziness, Headache, Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Cough, Muscle pain, Stiffiness, Loss of appetite.

Available Brands

Click on the appropriate strength of the dosage form to view its available brands.

Single Ingredient

Tabs: 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, 480 mg,
Caps: 240 mg,

Multi ingredient

Syrup: 90 mg/5ml,
Susp: 90 mg, 90 mg/ml, 20 mg/5ml, 90 mg/5ml, 95 mg/5ml, 180 mg/5ml,
Dry Susp: 90 mg/5ml, 180 mg/5ml,
Tabs: 120 mg, 140 mg, 180 mg, 240 mg, 480 mg,
Tabs DS: 240 mg,
Caps: 120 mg, 240 mg, 480 mg,


Lumefantrine's dosage details are as follows:
Dose Single Dose Frequency Route Instructions

Adult Dosage

240 mg240 (240)12 hourlyPOInitially for once
240 mg240 (240)24 hourlyPOMaintenance for 2 Weeks

Paedriatic Dosage ( 20 Kg. )

16 mg/kg16 (16)As recommended.OralInitial dose , repeat after 8 hrs , 24 hrs and 48 hrs of 1st dose

Neonatal Dosage ( 3 Kg. )

15 mg/kg15 (15)As recommended.OralInitial dose, repeat after 8 hrs. ,24 hrs. and 48 hrs of 1st dose

High Risk Groups

Drug should not be given to Pregnant Mothers.

If prescribing authority justifies the benefits of the drug against the possible damages he/she should reevaluate them and consult the reference material and previous studies.

Warning / Precautions

Should be use with caution in severely decreased kidney function, Severely decreased liver function, Heart disease. Birth control pills may not work properly while you are taking this medicine. Talk to your doctor about using an extra method of birth control.

Storage Conditions


Store Below 30°C.

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