Cephalexin (Monohydrate)



Primary Characterstics


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Drug Interactions

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Side Effects

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Cephalexin (Monohydrate)'s dosage details are as follows:
Dose Single Dose Frequency Route Instructions

Adult Dosage

4 to 8 g6 (6)8 hourlyIVFor sever infections. Frequency may be increased to 4 times/day if needed.
125 g120 (125)As recommended.POGiven at night for prophylaxis of urinary -tract infections.
1 to 2 g1.5 (1.5)8 hourlyPO,IV

Paedriatic Dosage (20kg)

25 to 100 mg/kg62 (62.5)12 hourlyOralFor 5-12 Yrs of Children. To maximum of 4g individed doses.

Neonatal Dosage (3kg)

7.812 mg/kg7.8 (7.812)8 hourlyoral

High Risk Groups

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Warning / Precautions

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Storage Conditions

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Interference in Pathology

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Brands / Trade Names of Cephalexin (Monohydrate)

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