Rumex vesicarius Linn

Primary Characteristics

Primary Characteristics

Rumex vesicarius Linnbelongs to Polygonaceae, family.
The Arabic Name for this herb is Baqlat al-Hamiz.
The English Names for this herb are Bladder Dock, Sorrel.
The Urdu Names for this herb are Chuka, Chuka Saag, Chuko, Hummaz, Tursha.

Pharmacological Actions

The pharmacological Actions of Rumex vesicarius Linn are Analgesic, Anti-bilious, Anti-diarrhoeal, Astringent, Cardiac Tonic, Diuretic, Exhilarant, Febrifuge, Laxative, Refrigerant, Sedative, Stomachic.


The Indications of Rumex vesicarius Linn are Toothache, Jaundice, Nausea, Scabies, Leucoderma, Insect Bite, Animal bite, Calculus.

The Indications of Root of Rumex vesicarius Linn are Lymphatic Disorders, Glandular System Disorders, Chronic Skin Eruption, Laryngeal Irritation, Laryngeal Catarrh, Bilious Obstruction, Scrofula, Syphilis, Leucorrhoea, Dyspepsia, Diarrhoea, Scurvy, Jaundice.

The Indications of Seed of Rumex vesicarius Linn are Nausea, Chronic Dysentery, Paralysis, Loss of Appetite, Palpitation, Stomach Inflammation, Burning Sensation, Burning Irritation.

No Contra Indication information is available for Rumex vesicarius Linn.


The Temperaments of Rumex vesicarius Linn are 1st order, cold, 2nd order, dry.

Available Brands

BrandManufacturer/Mnf. Representative
DOLABIHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
MUFARREH BARID SADAHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan

Compound Preparations

Rumex vesicarius Linn is used in the preparation of Ma'jun Masikal-Boul, Muffareh Barid Sada, Qurs kuhrab, Qurs Ziabitus, Safuf Tabashir, Safuf Teen compounds.


Whole HerbN/A
Juice(leaves)30.000ml - 60.000mlN/A
Seed3.000g - 5.000gN/A

Herb's Description

Rumex vesicarius Linn. An annual monoecious, glabrous, pale green herb, 15-30 cm high. Leaves elliptic-ovate or oblong, 2.5-7.5 cm long, base cuneate, hastate or cordate. Flowers pedicelled in short, terminal and leaf-opposed racemes. Nut trigonous white or pink0735. Root fusiform, yellow, fleshy and highly wrinkled, externally of a rusty brown colour, internally whitish. Seeds dark brown, triangular and polished

Taste Odor & Occurrence

Occurence: It occurs in Afghanistan, India, Iran, kuwait, North Africa, Paksitan.
Odor: The odor of Rumex vesicarius Linn is Peculiar
Taste: Sour


No information regarding Rumex vesicarius Linn's substitute is currently available.

Active Constituents

Rumex vesicarius Linn's Active constituents:


No information regarding Rumex vesicarius Linn's antidot is currently available.

Warning & Precautions

Reported as harmful for virility and chest.


Currently no Toxicity information is available for Rumex vesicarius Linn. (work in progress)